The Twilight of the Idols - The Antichrist Complete Works, Volume Sixteen

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 85

_step forward?_--But even Renan does this. As if Renan had
a right to simplicity! Why the very contrary stares one in the face.
When the pre-requisites of _ascending_ life, when everything strong,
plucky, masterful and proud has been eliminated from the concept
of God, and step by step he has sunk down to the symbol of a staff
for the weary, of a last straw for all those who are drowning; when
he becomes the pauper's God, the sinner's God, the sick man's God
_par excellence,_ and the attribute "Saviour," "Redeemer," remains
_over_ as the one essential attribute of divinity: what does such a
metamorphosis, such an abasement of the godhead imply?--Undoubtedly,
"the kingdom of God" has thus become larger. Formerly all he had was
his people, his "chosen" people. Since then he has gone travelling
over foreign lands, just as his people have done; since then he has
never rested anywhere: until one day he felt at home everywhere, the
Great Cosmopolitan,--until he got the "greatest number," and half the
world on his side. But the God of the "greatest number," the democrat
among gods, did not become a proud heathen god notwithstanding: he
remained a Jew, he remained the God of the back streets, the God of
all dark corners and hovels, of all the unwholesome quarters of the
world!... His universal empire is now as ever a netherworld empire,
an infirmary, a subterranean empire, a ghetto-empire.... And he
himself is so pale, so weak, so decadent ... Even the palest of the
pale were able to master him--our friends the metaphysicians, those
albinos of thought. They spun their webs around him so long that
ultimately he was hypnotised by their movements and himself became a
spider, a metaphysician. Thenceforward he once more began spinning the
world out of his inner being--_sub specie Spinozæ,_--thenceforward
he transfigured himself into something ever thinner and ever more
anæmic, became "ideal," became "pure spirit," became _"absotutum"_ and
"thing-in-itself." ... _The decline and fall of a god:_ God became the


The Christian concept of God--God as the deity of the sick, God as a
spider, God as spirit--is one of the most corrupt concepts of God that
has ever been attained on earth. Maybe it represents the low-water
mark in the evolutionary ebb of the godlike type God degenerated into
the _contradiction of life,_ instead of being its transfiguration and
eternal Yea! With God war is declared on life, nature, and the will to
life! God is the formula for every calumny of this world and for every
lie concerning a beyond! In God, nonentity is deified, and the will

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