The Twilight of the Idols - The Antichrist Complete Works, Volume Sixteen

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 79

shut one's eyes once and for all, in order not to suffer
at the sight of incurable falsity. People convert this faulty view of
all things into a moral, a virtue, a thing of holiness. They endow
their distorted vision with a good conscience,--they claim that no
_other_ point of view is any longer of value, once theirs has been
made sacrosanct with the names "God," "Salvation," "Eternity." I
unearthed the instinct of the theologian everywhere: it is the most
universal, and actually the most subterranean form of falsity on earth.
That which a theologian considers true, _must_ of necessity be false:
this furnishes almost the criterion of truth. It is his most profound
self-preservative instinct which forbids reality ever to attain to
honour in any way, or even to raise its voice. Whithersoever the
influence of the theologian extends, _valuations_ are topsy-turvy,
and the concepts "true" and "false" have necessarily changed places:
that which is most deleterious to life, is here called "true," that
which enhances it, elevates it, says Yea to it, justifies it and
renders it triumphant, is called "false." ... If it should happen that
theologians, _via_ the "conscience" either of princes or of the people,
stretch out their hand for power, let us not be in any doubt as to
what results therefrom each time, namely:--the will to the end, the
_nihilistic_ will to power....


Among Germans I am immediately understood when I say, that philosophy
is ruined by the blood of theologians. The Protestant minister is
the grand-father of German philosophy, Protestantism itself is the
latter's _peccatum originale._ Definition of Protestantism: the
partial paralysis of Christianity--and of reason.... One needs only to
pronounce the words "Tübingen Seminary," in order to understand what
German philosophy really is at bottom, theology _in disguise_.... The
Swabians are the best liars in Germany, they lie innocently.... Whence
came all the rejoicing with which the appearance of Kant was greeted
by the scholastic world of Germany, three-quarters of which consist of
clergymen's and schoolmasters' sons? Whence came the German conviction,
which finds an echo even now, that Kant inaugurated a change for the
_better?_ The theologian's instinct in the German scholar divined what
had once again been made possible.... A back-staircase leading into
the old ideal was discovered, the concept "true world," the concept
morality as the _essence_ of the world (--those two most vicious errors
that have ever existed!), were, thanks to a subtle and wily scepticism,
once again, if not demonstrable, at least no longer _refutable...._
Reason, the _prerogative_ of reason, does not extend so far.... Out of
reality they had made "appearance"; and an absolutely false

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