The Twilight of the Idols - The Antichrist Complete Works, Volume Sixteen

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 156

antidote to repentance.
The transformation of temperament (_e.g.,_ by means of inorganic
substances). Good will to this dissatisfaction. We should wait for our
thirst and let it become great in order to discover its source.

2. Death must be transformed into a means of victory and triumph.

3. The attitude towards disease. Freedom where death is concerned.

4. The love of the sexes is a means to an ideal (it is the striving of
a being to perish through his opposite). The love for a suffering deity.

5. Procreation is the holiest of all things. Pregnancy, the creation of
a woman and a man, who wish to enjoy their unity, and erect a monument
to it by means of a child.

6. Pity as a danger. Circumstances must be created which enable
everyone to be able to help himself, and which leave him to choose
whether he would be helped.

7. Education must be directed at making men evil, at developing their
inner devil.

8. Inner war as "development"

9. "The maintenance of the species," and the thought of eternal


Principal doctrine. We must strive to make every stage one of
perfection, and rejoice therein,--we must make no leaps!

In the first place, the promulgation of laws. After the Superman the
doctrine of eternal recurrence will strike us with horror: Now it is


Life itself created this thought which is the most oppressive for life.
Life wishes to get beyond its greatest obstacle I

We must desire to perish in order to arise afresh,--from one day to
the other. Wander through a hundred souls,--let that be thy life and
thy fate! And then finally: desire to go through the whole process once


The highest thing of all would be for us to be able to endure our


The moment in which I begot recurrence is immortal, for the sake of
that moment alone I will endure recurrence.


The teaching of eternal recurrence--it is at first oppressive to the
more noble souls and apparently a means of weeding them out,--then the
inferior and less sensitive natures would remain over! "This doctrine
must be suppressed and Zarathustra killed."


The hesitation of the disciples. "We are already able to bear with this
doctrine, but we should destroy the many by means of it!"

Zarathustra laughs: "Ye shall be the hammer: I laid this hammer in your


I do not speak to you as I speak to the people. The highest thing for
them would be to despise and to annihilate themselves: the next highest
thing would be for them to despise and annihilate each other.


"My will to do good compels me to

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