The Twilight of the Idols - The Antichrist Complete Works, Volume Sixteen

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 141

it would be madness to ascribe a feeling of self-preservation to
existence! And the same applies to the conception of a contest of pain
and pleasure among atoms.


Physics supposes that energy may be divided up: but every one of its
possibilities must first be adjusted to reality. There can therefore
be no question of dividing energy into equal parts; in every one of
its states it manifests a certain quality, and qualities cannot be
subdivided: hence a state of equilibrium in energy is impossible.


If energy had ever reached a stage of equilibrium that stage would
have persisted: it has therefore never reached such a stage. The
present condition of things contradicts this assumption. If we assume
that there has ever been a state absolutely like the present one this
assumption is in no wise refuted by the present state. For, among
all the endless possibilities, this case must already have occurred,
as an infinity is already behind us. If equilibrium were possible it
would already have been reached.--And if this momentary state has
already existed then that which bore it and the previous one also would
likewise have existed and so on backwards,--and from this it follows
that it has already existed not only twice but three times,--just as it
will exist again not only twice but three times,--in fact an infinite
number of times backwards and forwards. That is to say, the whole
process of Becoming consists of a repetition of a definite number of
precisely similar states.--Clearly the human brain cannot be left to
imagine the whole series of possibilities: but in any case, quite apart
from our ability to judge or our inability to conceive the whole range
of possibilities, the present state at least is a possible one--because
it is a real one. We should therefore say: in the event of the number
of possibilities not being infinite, and assuming that in the course of
unlimited time a limited number of these must appear, all real states
must have been preceded by similar states? Because from every given
moment a whole infinity is to be calculated backwards? The stability of
forces and their equilibrium is a possible alternative: but it has not
been reached; consequently the number of possibilities is greater than
the number of real states. The fact that nothing similar recurs could
not be explained by appealing to accident, but only by supposing that a
certain intention, that no similar things should recur, were actually
inherent in the essence of energy: for, if we grant that the number of
cases is enormous, the occurrence of like cases is more

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