The Genealogy of Morals The Complete Works, Volume Thirteen, edited by Dr. Oscar Levy.

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 122

abroad. Over the smug
populace remaining, the slave-souled people, there came an improvement
from abroad, especially by a mixture of Slavonic blood.

The Brandenburg nobility and the Prussian nobility in general (and the
peasant of certain North German districts), comprise at present the
most manly natures in Germany.

That the manliest men shall rule: this is only the natural order of


The future of German culture rests with the sons of the Prussian


There has always been a want of wit in Germany, and mediocre heads
attain there to the highest honours, because even they are rare. What
is most highly prized is diligence and perseverance and a certain
cold-blooded, critical outlook, and, for the sake of such qualities,
German scholarship and the German military system have become paramount
in Europe.


Parliaments may be very useful to a strong and versatile statesman:
he has something there to rely upon (every such thing must, however,
be able to resist!)--upon which he can throw a great deal of
responsibility. On the whole, however, I could wish that the counting
mania and the superstitious belief in majorities were not established
in Germany, as with the Latin races, and that one could finally invent
something new even in politics! It is senseless and dangerous to let
the custom of universal suffrage--which is still but a short time under
cultivation, and could easily be uprooted--take a deeper root: whilst,
of course, its introduction was merely an expedient to steer clear of
temporary difficulties.


Can any one interest himself in this German Empire? Where is the new
thought? Is it only a new combination of power? All the worse, if it
does not know its own mind. Peace and laisser aller are not types of
politics for which I have any respect. Ruling, and helping the highest
thoughts to victory--the only things that can make me interested in
Germany. England's small-mindedness is the great danger now on earth.
I observe more inclination towards greatness in the feelings of the
Russian Nihilists than in those of the English Utilitarians. We require
an intergrowth of the German and Slav races, and we require, too, the
cleverest financiers, the Jews, for us to become masters of the world.

(a) The sense of reality.

(b) A giving-up of the English principle of the people's right of
representation. We require the representation of the great interests.

(c) We require an unconditional union with Russia, together with a
mutual plan of action which shall not permit any English schemata to
obtain the mastery in Russia. No American future!

(d) A national system of politics is untenable, and embarrassment by
Christian views is a very

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