Ecce Homo Complete Works, Volume Seventeen

By Friedrich Nietzsche

Page 105

In his own juice,
Beneath his own summit,
Beneath his ice,
Weary and happy,
A Creator on his seventh day.

A truth passes over me
Like a cloud,--
With invisible lightnings it strikes me,
On broad, slow stairs,
Its happiness climbs to me:
Come, come, beloved truth!

'Tis _my_ truth!
From timid eyes,
From velvet shudders,
Her glance meets mine,
Sweet and wicked, a maiden's glance.
She has guessed the reason of my happiness,
She has guessed me--ha! what is she thinking?
A purple dragon
Lurks in the abyss of her maiden's glance.

--Silence! My truth is speaking!--

"Woe to thee, Zarathustra!
Thou lookest like one
That hath swallowed gold:
They will slit up thy belly yet!

Thou art too rich,
Thou corrupter of many!
Thou makest too many jealous,
Too many poor....
Even on me thy light casts a shadow--
I feel chill: go away, thou rich one
Go away, Zarathustra, from the path of thy sun


Who would here descend,
How soon
Is he swallowed up by the depths!
But thou, Zarathustra,
Still lovest the abysses,
Lovest them as doth the fir tree!

The fir flings its roots
Where the rock itself gazes
Shuddering at the depths,--
The fir pauses before the abysses
Where all around
Would fain descend:
Amid the impatience
Of wild, rolling, leaping torrents
It waits so patient, stern and silent,

Who would venture
Here to

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Text Comparison with The Will to Power, Book III and IV An Attempted Transvaluation of all Values

Page 20
Page 36
_ Thus, "truth" is not something which is present and which has to be found and discovered; it is something _which has to be created_ and which _gives_ its name _to a process,_ or, better still, to the Will to overpower, which in itself has no purpose: to introduce truth is a _processus in infinitum,_ an _active determining_--it is not a process of becoming conscious of something, which in itself is fixed and determined.
Page 43
Page 50
We thus perceive a terrible tool of decadence at work, which succeeds in remaining immune, thanks to the holy names and holy attitudes it assumes.
Page 53
Page 63
Page 86
Page 132
) 807.
Page 152
Page 160
Readers are beginning to see what I am combating--namely, _economic_ optimism: as if the genera] welfare of everybody must necessarily increase with the growing self-sacrifice of everybody.
Page 170
their mediocrity! As you observe, I do precisely the reverse: every step away from mediocrity--thus do I teach--leads to _immorality.
Page 180
Page 181
Page 182
--I defend _aristocracy_ against.
Page 186
That one contradicts the _greatest number,_ not in words at all, but by continually behaving differently from them.
Page 190
Page 193
Page 194
Page 214
It is not surprising that a couple of centuries have been necessary in order to link up again--a couple of centuries are very little indeed.
Page 215